Sunday, 1 February 2009


Since my initial blog has turned out be more image-laden than wordy I decided to create a second blog which will deal more with my thoughts than with pictures.

Primarily this will be a diary, but, I admit, one with quite irregular entries, since much too often my time is limited, and then I might not always have anything interesting to say. Nonetheless I'll try and make short notes as often as I can.

My main intention for this blog you can find in Montaigne's preface at the top of this page, I could sign every one of those wonderful words. I do have a second intention though, too: living in a foreign country and speaking a heavy local Bavarian dialect I want to keep up with my mother tongue, which is English, and keep my writing skills in practice.

So just writing a simple diary won't do, I'll need to force myself to put down my thoughts in coherent words. I therefore have decided to irregularly write a short essay based on each chapter of Montaigne's essay book, one by one, all through the book.

I'm not putting a time limit on this project, I'm just going to read this book one essay at a time, and I won't continue reading before I haven't published my thoughts on every specific topic here.

A side effect will be that in the end I not only will have read a complete book, but will have written one as well.

It'll be less profound, of course, but who knows?

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