Monday, 16 February 2009

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Looks like I won't manage very well posting a diary on a daily basis. Nowadays I sometimes just fall asleep in the evening way before my usual time.

In the last week there was quite a lot going on for me: went to Munich to see Emiliana Torrini in concert. On Thursday my Dad celebrated his 70th birthday. This Saturday there will a short Tv documentary about him on Bavarian TV. Yeah, that picture up there is him, and no, he isn't an Indian, but he sure wishes he were. He has been accepted as participant at official pow-wows, and he does all his clothes and all the ornamentation himself. Yeah, my Dad is a bit eccentric.

I am also working on my other blog more and trying to get my posts more varied, so you'll see a lot more going on over there. I'm including posts on nearly every movie I have recently watched (which usually is a lot), and inspired by the short prosa texts of John Cage's Indeterminacy series I thought I'll try a shot at that. So keep an eye on my posts there called Vignettes with which I'll be telling small anecdotes.

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