Friday, 8 January 2010

January 8th, 2010

(Horst Janssen: Klee und Ensor um einen Bückling streitend)

Woke up this morning thinking about former friends who I have lost over time. By the time you reach my age there are a lot of bygones, often our ways just separated and over time you lose contact. But sometimes there were deliberate good-byes.

Coincidentally, I got a message from a MySpace who I hadn't heard from in a while, and he told me that he was 'weeving out people' in his life who have been causing him trouble. I've done so myself over the years, but I feel like I've reached a stage in life that I have a wonderful group of honest and loyal friends.

This afternoon we got a visit from our MySpace friend Ulli. She lives in Nuremberg with her husband and dropped by for a few hours to meet us and see the exbitions of Horst Janssen's art and Andreas Feininger's New York photography. Ursula and I had already seen them both, but gladly joined for a second look.

Horst Janssen is an important German artist, mainly of drawings and art prints. I rarely took notice of his work, since he was something of a mainstream great, you constantly heard about him. I remember the story that he was famous for signing most of his prints, so the non-signed works have become more valuable than those with signatures...

The Regensburg exhibition is great overview over his complete oeuvre and good proof of his virtuosity as a drawer with a broad spectrum of topics.

The Andreas Feininger exhibition is, of course, just my thing: New York! Most of the exhibits were from the 1940s, so this added a sense of nostalghia to the usual sensation you get of seeing the skylines and the everday street scenes. I also bought the catalogue which is a fine addition to our library.

Since Ulli had only short time before the next train we spent an hour at the musuem's restaurant. She copied a lot of music for me, mostly bands and artists new to me, I'll need to take time to listen to them all.

Today was almost unbearably freezing cold due to a sharp wind, obviously the preluide to the predicted blizzard which is expected to come over Germany this weekend, a rare thing in this country. Good to have a warm home with 2 cuddling cats:-)

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